Why I started a homemade bath and beauty business…

I am a scientist by day and spend most of my time writing scientific reports and doing surveys and calculations. I’ve realized lately that my brain never gets an opportunity to switch off; I don’t have a hobby! I therefore decided to find something to do which I love and which could possibly bring in some extra cash 🙂

I have always had an obsession with bath products and skincare products and have spent quite a lot of my limited cash on these products. I easily fall for the instagramable looking products and end up enjoying the relaxation and tranquility created by these products. It’s always been my #1 way to de-stress after a hectic day.

I soon also realized that if I enjoyed these products so much and that if I was always looking for reasonably priced instagramable products then there must be more humans like me!

And so, Quartz Bath and Beauty began…






Bath bombs: The final product!

So if you’ve been following my bath bomb making journey you will know that I made my fort batch on Monday night and had to let it dry for 24 hours.

On Tuesday night I came home after work all excited to see my bath bombs in all their beauty and all I saw was: bath bombs not dry yet!!!

So I had to wait another 24 hours to see if it would be dry then. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to check last night so I checked now and the following happened:

I am so happy with the final product!!! This was such a wonderful experience! As I’m not known for my creativity and being able to make something from scratch is really not my usual style, I really enjoyed proving to myself that anything is possible.

I will be making another batch next week after testing one or two of these so be sure to watch this space…


First bath bomb batch

Tonight after work I decided it’s time to make my first batch of bath bombs.

I found a recipe on Pinterest and followed it to the tee (I’m a fan of following recipes, some people prefer to wing it i.e. risk it all…).

The result:

Now they have to dry for 24 hours so I can only show you the final product tomorrow night 😀.

I must say that this creation was rather soothing to my soul. The process of measuring out the ingredients and placing it into molds had me all excited and had my brain on something other than chemistry! Although the very notion of creating bath bombs from these ingredients is an example of great chemistry 🙃.

I can’t wait to test these out!

Note: due to water restrictions in Cape Town at the moment, I will be testing these out inside my bucket which I currently use to bathe in 😒.



The following information indicates how I started my bath and beauty product business:

  1. Research

  2. Taking notes

  3. Create social media

  4. Follow for follow

  5. Blog posts

  6. Sharing / Advertising blog posts

  7. Supplies

  8. Product Samples

  9. Testing product

  10. Release product



I literally spent hours just typing “homemade beauty products”, “how to make bath bombs”, “DIY bath products”, etc. into Google and Pinterest. I created a board on Pinterest to save all the interesting articles.

Taking notes

Part II was dedicated to a couple more hours of going through each Pinterest post and writing down the key points in a notebook.

The following key points are in my notebook:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Hashtags
  • Sales
  • Making money through social media
  • Email newsletters
  • Packaging product orders with stamps
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • Dropshipping
  • Blogging
  • Packaging inserts
  • 7 best blog niches
  • Photos
  • Business plan
  • Recipes
  • Social media info

Create social media

I then created an email address which I could use to create my social media accounts. One of my biggest worries were not connecting this beauty business to my personal accounts as I wanted to keep this a separate from my current profession. Only my husband and mother know that I have this beauty business on the side and both of them are Cancerian so i’m not expecting much in the hush department (they take family seriously and part of their duty is to beam proudly about what their loved ones are up to!!!).

I created the following accounts:

I also signed up for the basic Shopify package (Shopify light for $9 per month or R115) as Shopify was well viewed in most articles I read.

Follow for follow

I utilised the search bar of each social media account and looked for similar businesses, similar products, similar hashtags or similar industries to follow. I read through some of their posts and liked and shared the ones I truly related to (note: I only like posts that I truly like as this represents your brand in the long term and I want to show my followers and clients that I am real and not randomly liking and sharing things). In a short space of time (about 12 hours), I already had more than 10% of my follows returned.

Blog posts

I posted my first blog Why I started a homemade bath and beauty business… and shared it to all my social media accounts.

Sharing / Advertising blog posts

Whilst sharing my blog post to Facebook, I saw that I could boost my post by paying for an advert. The advert costs R70 for 7 days which works out to only R10 a day (a coffee costs more!). I decided to utilise this service and see what happens.

(Note: at this point I still have no products made and therefore no products advertised)


Through my research, I compiled a list of supplies needed to create my first product – BATH BOMBS!!!!!

I ran down to the shops for the following items:

250g citric acid 3x 100g containers no larger containers R18.99 Pick n Pay
250g baking soda 1x 500g R39.49 Pick n Pay
125g cornstarch 1x 500ml Snowflake R20.99 Pick n Pay
125g coconut oil 1x 1 litre tub R79.49 Pick n Pay
10 drops essential oils 5x bottles different types of oils R54.95 Dischem
silicone moulds 2x ice trays one plain block and one lip shaped R59.99 Mr Price Home
food colouring 5x colours R9.49 Pick n Pay
large white paper 1x A2 boards (pack of 5) for product photography R24.99 Pick n Pay
container for supplies 1x bucket with lid R17.99 Pick n Pay
packaging for products 2x tissue paper (4 in a pack) for individually wrapped bath bombs R15.99 MR Price Home
2x diy books more information (also I love books) R135 Discount Books Distribution
1x 100g epsom salts might need R9.49 Pick n Pay
1x 100g tartaric acid R33.49 Pick n Pay
1x 100g cream of tartar R14.49 Pick n Pay
1x sieve recipe instructions required and I didnt want to use home one R52.95 Pick n Pay
1x notebook for blog R24.99 Pick n Pay
TOTAL R612.77


Product Samples

I will now start to create the bath bombs using the supplies purchased.

Testing product

The products would need to be tested by myself and approved.

Release product

Now the products can be released on my Facebook page and Shopify page.